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psychotherapy that moves

Welcome to Core Anima, practice for body-oriented psychotherapy. 'Body-oriented' means that we use body awareness, impulses, and breath to connect with deeper feelings and insights.

The therapeutic process supports you in lovingly melting the blockages and transforming deep limiting beliefs, so you can set yourself free, and express more of who you are. 

You are welcome here. 


I am MSc. psychologist passionate about helping people connect with their pleasure, inner wisdom, and trust in life. I love to include body's wisdom in psychotherapy, and connect with my clients from the heart. I am a certified Core Energetics® and Somatic Experiencing® therapist, as well as state recognised psychotherapy practitioner. 

The focus of my work is helping people reunite with the joy and zest for life.

You can reach out for support with:

- healing from childhood trauma

- difficult relationship/family dynamic

- internalised negativity, criticism and shame

- overthinking and disconnection from the body

- symptoms of depression and anxiety

- burnout prevention and recovery

All our challenges, no matter how frustrating, are also invitations to heal and expand our lives. 



Each session revolves about the specific topic that you bring as a client, and from there we move into an exploration with the combination of talking, sensing, breathing, movement, and contact in order to discover different aspects of it and create new insights and emotional shifts.​ Knowing about our patterns and past hurts cognitively can be helpful but it is not enough. Through body-oriented psychotherapy we create an experience that enables deeper insights, and a space for healing to occur. 


Location: Berlin Mitte, Waisenstr. 28 or online.

Price per session (60 min): 90 EUR

In my practice, I welcome clients of any gender, sexual orientation, nationality, skin color, body size, and abilities, as well as religious beliefs. Limited number of sessions with adapted price is available for people with low income. 

Sessions are in English or in Croatian.

Body psychotherapy works with body awareness, impulses and breath.

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