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Hi there, welcome!


I am Antonela, and my work is about helping people to come in touch with their full emotional and creative potential through understanding and overcoming the difficulties they face. I am a psychologist specializing in body-oriented psychotherapy and organisational coaching. I imagine a world full of self-aware, powerful, and open human beings who are thriving in healthy and productive families, teams and organizations. 

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Psychotherapy is transforming inside out, through challenging our ingrained ideas about the world, transforming personality patterns, becoming aware of our hidden attitudes and motivations, and helping us to integrate adverse experiences we had. It is helping us to find out who we really are, and free it up. 

Coaching on the other hand is more result-oriented and has a dedicated scope. It helps to refine and put to use the qualities and potentials we already have access to. It guides through practical challenges and dilemmas.

Instead of being rivals, I see coaching and psychotherapy as companions being specialized in different areas and needed in different situations. I am passionate about deep psychotherapy work as well as more practical work of helping people bring their qualities forward.




  • transforming personality patterns

  • integrating and healing traumatic experiences

  • uncovering deepest potentials  

  • healing psychological disorders and symptoms

  • discovering life task & life purpose

  • working on significant relationships

  • establishing healthy boundaries

Would you like to know more?

*I am passionate about making my work accessible to everyone, especially when it comes to individuals with fewer financial resources and non-profit organizations. If money is the only reason why you are hesitating to start, contact me and we will explore options together!


  • clarifying and achieving goals

  • enhancing professional growth

  • improving time management skills

  • supporting conflict resolution 

  • giving and receiving feedback 

  • finding work-life balance 

  • strengthening leadership skills


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