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embodied psychotherapy

​More than a method, psychotherapy is for me about holding a sacred, non-judgemental space, where my clients can explore their challenges, as well as deep-seated patterns and wounds behind them, and find healing.

Having explored various psychotherapy approaches both as a client, student, and therapist, I fell in love with the richness and depth of working with the body. Body awareness, movement, expression, breath, and touch combined with the dialogue create powerful doors that take us beyond our rational thought, closer to our center and our authentic feelings. 

From there, we can access new insights and healing experiences, as well as rediscover our joy, spontanienity and full creative capacity. 

I am here for you! 



I am a psychologist and Core Energetics® psychotherapy practitioner with additional diploma in Somatic Experiencing® trauma therapy. After my psychology study and years of experience working with people with eating disorders, I fell in love with the depth and the wisdom of working with the body. 


I am here for you to explore the symptoms of dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression, burnout, relationship issues, unprocessed traumas, body image, perfectionism and self-worth issues. All our challenges, no matter how frustrating, are also invitations to heal and expand our lives. 


In my work, I especially invite people who are willing to embark on a deep journey of self discovery and transformation, rather than chasing a short-term fix.


Read more about my approach here


Each session is revolving about the specific topic that you bring as a client, and from there we move into an exploration with the combination of talking, sensing, breathing, movement, and contact in order to discover different aspects of it and create new insights and emotional shifts.​ Knowing about our patterns and past hurts cognitively can be helpful but it is not enough. Through body-oriented psychotherapy we create a felt sense and an experience that enables deeper insights, and a space for healing to occur. 

I offer sessions in my practice in Berlin, close to Alexanderplatz (Waisenstr. 28), or online. In my practice, I am welcoming clients of any gender, sexual orientation, nationality, skin color, body size, and abilities, as well as any religious beliefs (and non-beliefs). You are welcome here. I give sessions in English and Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian.

Social pricing:
65 EUR low income
80 EUR regular

95 EUR* supporter 
*supporting low income sessions

I offer free 30 min intro online call if you want to ask a questions or simply make a contact and see how it feels.  

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  OCTOBER 2023


Group therapy is a safe polygon where you can meet yourself and others in a new way. Through your own experience and through witnessing the others, you open up possibilities for transformation and healing. 

We learned to trade our authenticity in relationship with people around us, especially in the groups we were part of, starting from our our family system. Both our wounding and the potential for healing lies in the connection with others. In this group, you will be learn to connect more deeply with your body, with your feelings, and bring forward all parts of you. Discover and claim more of YOU!

By working in closed intimate group of max. 10 participants, we create a powerful container for self-discovery and healing.


This group is for you if you want to...

- gain deeper insights in your challenges and patterns

- connect with your body and intuition

- address your overthinking, procrastination and blockages

- work on anxiety, fear and your NO to life

- strengthen true self-confidence and self-worth

- make a step in connecting with your qualities and your purpose

Each group session will start with movement and exercises to open up and explore the topics, following by a space for sharing and processing in the group.

You are welcome regardless of the gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, body composition, religious or spiritual beliefs! This group is not recommended for people with psychosis or ongoing acute substance addiction. All group participants should come to sessions completely sober.

Group is in forming! Reach out if you want to find our more.

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